Skill Acquisition: Essential Coaching Pedagogy, Pt. 3

4 hours

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Detailed Course Outline:

Coaching pedagogy is a term used to describe the most effective methods for influencing the athlete's learning. In Skill Acquisition: Essential Coaching Pedagogy, Pt. 3, you will learn the four variables and critical factors that contribute to your teach strategy:

  • How athletes process information
  • Their stage of development
  • The most effective instructional model to use
  • The most effective feedback to use

Module 1: How Athletes Process Information
Module 2: Stages of Development
Module 3: Instructional Models
Module 4: Providing Feedback

This course is part three in a series of three companion courses on the subject of skill acquisition. It is recommended to complete each course in sequence for the most effective understanding. You may order course titles individually or the entire series at the package rate of $195.00.

There are no refunds for the Skill Acquisition: Essential Coaching Pedagogy, Pt. 3 course. Once you register & submit payment, you will not be refunded regardless of course completion. Upon payment, you will receive an email from the course instructor (within 12 hours) providing further instructions on how to access course materials. 

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