Chronic Fatigue Due to Overtraining

3 hours

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Detailed Course Outline:

When an athlete is underperforming, and you don’t know why, suspect chronic fatigue due to overtraining as the prime contributing factor. Unfortunately, because we don’t fully understand chronic fatigue our knowledge about overtraining remains scant. Hans Selye’s General Adaptation framework suggests it is likely due to too much training and insufficient recovery that leads to a prolonged maladaptation of physiological systems and structures. In this course you are provided insight into chronic fatigue and its relationship to overtraining.

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Endocrine System Basics
Module 3: Automatic Nervous System
Module 4: Fundamentals of Overtraining
Module 5: Heart Rate and Overtraining
Module 6: Monitoring Overtraining
Module 7: Overtraining and Fatigue Comprehensive Test

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