Training Science

3 hours

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Detailed Course Outline:

In this course you are introduced to the fundamentals of training science. This knowledge underlies your ability to design the type of training that will most effectively improve an athlete’s performance. Essential concepts such as homeostasis, core training principles, magnitude and timing of the training stimulus, periodization theory, tapering, load quantification and designing the annual training plan are all discussed. It is strongly recommended to complete Physiological Development Through the Athlete's Lifespan and Energy Systems and Motor Performance Abilities in Athletes before enrolling in this course.

Module 1: Overview
Module 2: Principles of Adaptation
Module 3: Core Training Principles
Module 4: Training Stimulus
Module 5: Periodization Theory
Module 6: Tapering and Load Quantification
Module 7: Generalized Training Theory Models
Module 8: The Annual Plan
Module 9: Annual Plan for Team Sports
Module 10: Training Theory Final Test

There are no refunds for the Training Science course. Once you register & submit payment, you will not be refunded regardless of course completion. Upon payment, you will receive an email from the course instructor (within 12 hours) providing further instructions on how to access course materials.

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